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When We Were vikings

Zelda is the twenty-one-year-old protagonist of this legend. She’s a Viking enthusiast living with her older brother, oh and she happens to have fetal alcohol syndrome. Her life consists on basic rules she follows to keep her routine and mentality on track: She goes to classes, spends time with her boyfriend, brother and AK47, and sees Dr. Laird to talk about all of the above. Zelda has one mission in her life: to be legendary.

I love reading books that avoid the typical “I’m awkward and I’m ugly and not the normal girly girls; I have long auburn hair and big green eyes and wear glasses and people bully me because of that” that YA novels tend to adore to use. I love books that while entertaining me in a fictional world also educate me in a tactful way about people and their different struggles. Andrew David MacDonald did that with his debut book. As I mentioned previously, Zelda has a syndrome because her mother drank alcohol while pregnant so she had developmental problems.

The book is fast-paced and could be read in a day however it is not a light read; The story is a very emotional look into Zelda’s life and struggles, you feel her brother’s impotence to help his sister and keep a healthy family. From the first page I knew I would love Zelda, as she grows older and notices she is a grown up and wants to do grown up things, she rebels against those who see her as a disability and want to control her life.

My favorite character however, had to be Annie, or as Zelda calls her, AK47. While we don’t know a lot of her background story she is one of those people who is always there no matter what. AK47 is Gert’s girlfriend, then ex-girlfriend but she is one of the characters that helps Zelda from beginning to end and treating her as a normal human being.



Pages: 336

Date of Publication: 06 Feb 2020


Language: English

Format: Hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1982126766

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