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The Man who Mistook his wife for a Hat

If my life circumstances had been different I probably would’ve been a doctor, and more specially I would’ve been something that had to be related to the brain. Brain conditions are fascinating as they act in a way no other organ condition can, and because that tiny organ inside our heads is the one responsible for our entire existence, they are so strong and yet so fragile: one tiny scratch or bump or alteration and your whole life is different.

So, from time to time I enjoy reading Neuro books and studies; However, I don’t claim to know anything about anything on this matter, I just enjoy to read about curiosities of the brain, so this year I got to read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. The book is a recollection of studies by the neurologist Oliver sack, in fact the title has to do with one of the cases themselves recalling a patient who suffered from a condition called visual agnosia, which made him unable to recognize familiar faces and objects; After his visit with Dr. Oliver Sacks he grabbed his wife’s head as if it were a hat!

The cases are from rare neurological diseases or maybe not so rare but confused by other conditions or simply overlooked, and plenty of these are used in plenty T.V medical shows.

Pages: 256

Date of Publication: 02 April 1998

Publisher: Touchstone

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-0684853949

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