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The Holdout

As with many people, the current situation is giving me major anxiety attacks and lack of motivation to do regular activities. One of them is reading. In a perfect world i would take this time as the much needed vacations I’ve been waiting for for years, and I would spend my days reading until my eyes hurt, unfortunately this is not the case and I’ve been having trouble concentrating on reading simple sentences, let alone a full book. These past couple of weeks has been full of books read through the first chapter just to be left alone again;

When this happens and I can’t seem to read anything to save my life I reach out for a very light book, a book so easy to read I barely have to do any effort. I usually turn to crime thrillers when this is the case.

I don’t know what picking murder books as a light read says about me but it works. As a child growing up with shows like Law & Order: SVU, Cold Case, CSI, among many others I take comfort in stories that make me anxious waiting to see how the crimes evolve, so for this last book I chose The Holdout by Graham Moore. I’ve never read anything by him before (although I love The Imitation Game), but I picked it up because apparently it was part of the Investigation Discovery book club, so I figured it would be a nice story to start reading again.

The story narrates the experiences of the jurors on the Jessica Silver case while they are performing their duty and ten years after the fact, focusing on juror Maya Seale. Throughout the book we follow two different cases, and while one of the “twists” was rather obvious since the beginning.

The drama fulfilled its mission to keep me interested in the mystery and lives of their characters forgetting I was actually reading and enjoying a nice whodunnit.

I will completely recommend if you, like plenty people in the world, binge watch any crime documentary Netflix and HBO throw at you, and watch ID more than you would admit. This will not be the last book i read from Moore.

Pages: 336

Date of Publication: 18 Feb 2020

Publisher: Random House

Language: English

Format: Hardback

ISBN-13: 978-0399591778

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