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So Sad Today

If I were to write a book today it would probably be something like this. You know how sometimes you feel like you are the only one who feels somehow and yet you feel better reading/seeing you’re not? This is that kind of book.

The books is a series of vulnerable and personal essays by Melissa Broder, creator of the twitter handle by the same name. In those essays she delves into her anxiety exploring death, love, addiction, self-hatred, and low self-esteem with sharp humor.

self-esteem, addiction, and the drama of waiting for the universe to text you back.

It was a hard read because of how accurate to how it was, which most of the times made it so triggering I would drift of into my own memories and pain. I tend to avoid books like these for this reason and I tend to instead submerge myself into fiction and imaginary worlds. However, I’m happy I read it as it is always nice, when you’re in those deep dark emotions to be reminded you’re not alone in thinking them, and better yet that joking about them doesn’t make you a bad person and it’s a good way to cope.

It is a wish of mine to sometimes write as well as her, and many other writers I admire. Writers for me are utterly underrated in this world, I’ve always felt jealous of their talent. Jealous of that gift they have to transform their pain and emotions and thought into beautiful, funny, and sad writing the right person can identify with. I can’t do that and probably never will be able to do it. As for now I’m ok I get to read my thoughts in other people’s work.

Pages: 224

Date of Publication: 15 Mar 2016

Editor: Grand Central Publishing

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-1455562725

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