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Reading Challenge: Conviction

The first book completed this week for the Reading Challenge was Conviction by Denise Mina. Published in 2019, the book generated quite a buzz in celebrity book clubs and detective book lovers. This book also made the list of The Best Crime Novels of the Year by The New York Times.


Pages: 374

Date of Publication: June 2019

Editor: Mulholland Books

Language: English

Format: Hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-0316528504


…Meanwhile, there’s been a persistent knocking at Anna’s front door. Anna assumes rightly that it’s her best friend Estelle, arriving to go to their Bikram yoga class together. Estelle stands at the door, but she’s dressed not for exercise but for travel. In fact, Estelle is dressed to run off with Anna’s husband, with whom she’s been having an affair…

I almost didn’t finish this book, actually, I almost didn’t make it past its first 5 pages. Why? The book had some similarities to past events of my life that I just didn’t want to read, but pushing it through I was so glad I read it.

Anna’s story begins while listening to a podcast that leads her–along with other circumstances–to a trip to find who murdered her friend Leon.

The book is an easy read and the story will make you keep reading until you see the clock and notice it is 3 am. I did hate the characters, partly because they were so relatable and didn’t want to see myself reflected in them but also because they were just awful. They were just sad characters in pain that tried to escape their own misfortunes by chasing a dream in the case of Anna, and just evading them in the case of Fin.

The first half of the book as I previously said I had to force myself to keep reading, however at the second half I was hooked. I won’t say it was completely unpredictable but it was a fun a dramatic story that showcases the struggles of a woman that at first stance might seem weak but turns out it made her into the strong woman she needed to be at the end of the book.

I definitely recommend this as a quick fun reading.

The book is narrated by Anna, so that puts the book in Written in First Person of the Reading Challenge

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