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‘You’ – Season 3

The T.V series first premiered on Lifetime but was later acquired and is now produced by Netflix. It is based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. In case you haven’t watched the series, the story begins with Joe Goldberg, and introvert who lives in New York falling in love with Beck, in a way he needs to learn everything about her. After following her and stalking her on social media he gets to meet her and then start a relationship with her. Let’s say things don’t end up well for her…In the second season, Joe moves from New York to Los Angeles to escape his past, and starts over with a new identity where he ends up falling in love with Love.

The story has caused some controversy among teens because of their obsession with Joe. The film is told from Joe’s warped point of view therefore it’s own twisted perspective of himself and how he sees the world. Girls around the world are so in love with this character that Penn himself has had to point out to them that the man they are fawning over has done some very bad things.

After Season 1, many viewers were quick to point out Beck’s imperfections, a marked contrast to their adoration of a man who racked up quite a list of victims before even reaching California, which just showcases the double standards we held for the behavior of both men and women. Funnily a lot of people making this comparisons were women.

But, rather than spend hours talking about why we tend to justify men and antagonize women let’s just be happy we get a third season of this weirdly funny yet horrific show and learn from the women’s decisions on the show and never fall for a guy like that,

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