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Quarantine + ‘Run’

I’m sure I’m not the only person whose the quarantine is kicking their butt, I have around 10 drafts for the blog and all the books I’ve been reading, yet I’ve had a hard time finishing anything even the simplest things such as replying texts.

Anyways, I’m slowly making myself go back to normality and that includes the t.v shows I’ve been waiting to watch and I’ve been watching even though they are probably old news to you; One of them was Run, created by Vicky Jones and produced by the amazing Phoebe Waller-Bridge (among other people who also own her other series). Now, I have this bad habit where I have to read the reviews from every single show and actress I like, as if I were to validate my opinion of them by reading the critics words. Run has horrible mixed reviews.

Run follows Ruby and Billy, two college sweethearts who make a pact to run away together if one of them texted “Run”. This was one of the shows I was the most excited to watch because well, I’ll watch anything Phoebe produces/writes/acts on, and fucking Merritt Wever and bloody Domhnall Gleeson, those names alone will make anyone excited to watch a projects, and for me it didn’t disappoint, because they are almost always in some kind of transportation the scenes have a lot of challenges that may make it slow to some, but I’m loving it.

The show is actually rather short running 30 minutes per episode which may be a bonus point for those with busy schedules or those (like me) that are having trouble focusing on things for an hour. You can watch the show on HBO with the episodes available on HBO Now and HBO Go after they air. Check out the trailer for season 1 below!

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