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‘Little Women’

When it was announced Greta Gerwig would make a new adaptation of the beloved novel I was divided: For one I loved the 1994 adaptation and thought Winona was the perfect Jo and Christina Bale was the perfect Laurie, but I love Greta, her work and the cast she quickly announced (I’m obsessed with Saoirse Ronan, I’m quickly loving Timotheé Chamalet as everyone else, and in case you haven’t seen Eliza Scanlen in Sharp Objects you’re missing out on something quite special… Plus Laura Dern and Meryl Streep, I mean come on). My hesitant thought about the new adaptation quickly disappeared though, getting more and more excited as we got behind the scenes content, the trailer and so on.

Little Women is as the novel has always been, the story of the March sisters: Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, and the varying lives they lead. If you’ve never read the book or seen any of the adaptations you should know it portrays how the very different four sisters deal with their respective issues: Meg, the eldest, wishes to be a socialite; Jo is an adventurous and rebellious writer; Beth is the quiet, kind sister; and Amy as the youngest is artistic and dramatic.

Greta nailed the narration of the story showing it not chronologically but as a glimpse of moments in the past as present: She showed us a balanced story between the calm and fun moments. The highlight was the girls being silly and childish, full of excitement which contrasted the death of Beth and Jo’s struggles to find her place in a society that only encourages women get well married.

Visually, the film is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for period films: The landscapes and earthy tones of each scene is captivating, and I still there’s no era that can beat the 1800 in the costume department, the dresses are so so gorgeous, I wish I could dress like that nowadays.

The story is not full of drama or action packed, but it is a beautiful story on how different people deal with everyday struggles which I love. If you haven’t read the book or scene any adaptation of the film I highly recommend doing both, and specially starting with watching the breath-taking adaptation by Gerwig.

Little Women is nominated to the Acadamy Awards for Best Picture, Leading Actress (Saoirse Ronan), Supporting Actress (Florence Pugh), Costume Design, Original Score, and Adapted Screenplay

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