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‘Killing Eve’ Season 3

"I just had a really bad breakup," Villanelle says in the trailer. "When I think about my ex I realise I am so much happier now she's dead."

Because not everyone is evil in times of quarantine, the producers of Killing Eve decided to move forward the premiere date of the third season which is terrific news for fans of the show like me and my friend Flor. BBC is releasing the newest season on April 12th.

If you haven’t seen the show this is your chance to catch up with the previous seasons and watch the genius Sandra Oh and utterly underrated Jodie Comer playing the cat and mouse game in the stylish, beautifully edited, and all-around alluring tv show. The first season is by far my favorite, written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge whom I adore.

Killing Eve is an adaptation of a book thriller called Codename Villanelle and Villanelle is a character you will love even though you are not supposed to. Jodie’s portrayal of Villanelle is exquisite and so is her fashion sense which has made her one of my top favorite characters on television.

You can watch the trailer for season 3 below!

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