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‘Dark’ and the Apocalypse

The question is not where, or who, or how - the question is WHEN. Everything is connected.

The last cycle of Dark is here and I’m not ready to say good-bye to one of my favorite shows. The time travel, quantum physics, and paradoxes show was Netflix’s first German-language original series.


Dark—which premiered in 2017—tells the story of four families living in the small, German town of Winden. The series starts off with the disappearance of a boy named Mikkel in 2019, but the story jumps across time to 1921, 1953–1954, 1986–1987, and 2052–2053, where we see the same characters at different ages.


Dark returned for its third and final season on June 27, 2020 — which also happens to be the date of the apocalypse. If you haven’t seen the series recently I suggest to re-watch the first seasons: The characters can be confusing at times and hard to keep track of.


Season one will always be my favorite but the last season was a thrilling conclusion to the mind-blowing trip. Dark succeeded at what many series fail, knowing when to stop in order to not lose the sense of the story. Even if that was due to rumors being true about the series being canceled last year.


Throughout the seasons, every consequence has a cause and every cause has a consequence, juggling with a bewildering amount of logical paradoxes and loops. In the last season, there was not only the element of time but also another “world”.


This is not a series you can watch while looking at your phone, especially this last season; Even with your full attention, it is hard to follow both dimensions through time and space, made easier only by the hair and look changes between the characters. It is worth it though.


The story is a constant battle between destiny and free will, and in this season we see the main figures come to terms to that. Jonas and Martha learn in the last season how every move they make can affect the future and past and not in the way we want.

One aspect that has been a focal point throughout the seasons is the incredible ensemble that always feels connected and related somehow, whenever a new character appears in a different age there is no doubt on who that person is supposed to represent.


The last episode was a beautiful end, where the main characters finally come to their fate featuring What a Wonderful Life:

What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.

In case you want a more visual guide into the family, Dark has a beautifully made website that can explain the time travel, and characters and you can visit it here. I, myself can see rewatching the whole series pretty soon to see what I miss the first time.

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