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‘Little Fires Everywhere’ + Reese Witherspoon

Following my attempts to return to normal, I will be posting about the shows on my Hulu round-up, starting with Little Fires Everywhere, but first I’ll talk a little about one of the woman who made this happen: Reese Witherspoon. This actress is an avid reader and has taken into her job to produce many book adaptations into mini series which I LOVE and will be forever grateful for. There’s nothing I love more than a mini series, for me it’s the best way to adapt a book: It’s not too short that it cuts important details of a story but it’s not too long that degrades it, it’s a loyal way to tell a story while giving the right moment it needs to breathe and to get to know and care for the characters.

In the past years she has adapted some great ones like Gone Girl, Wild, and Big Little Lies and has plans of adapting Truly Madly Guilty, All Is Not Forgotten, Luckiest girl Alive, The Thing About Jellyfish, among others.

This year the adaptation for Little Fires Everywhere came out and I must say it’s just as good as the book. But extremely different. Plenty of the major plots in the show are not mentioned in the book but in this case those aspects added gave the show more depth and a more dramatic turn which are in my opinion are sometimes necessary when adapting reading material to the screen.

Little Fires follows the life of two different families, Elena Richardson with her husband and four kids and Mia Warren with her daughter Pearl. Mia and Pearl have spent their lives moving constantly until they settle for a while to work in Mia’s project. In the summer of 1997, Mia and Pearl arrive to Shaker Heights a picturesque suburb proud to be “inclusive” and for having the best elite high schools for the rich and pretty.  Elena is the overachieving mother and takes Mia as her charity case when she lets her sublet her upstairs apartment and work at her home. The two women begin to form a quasi-friendly relationship until Mia meets Bebe Chow. Bebe’s a undocumented immigrant who gave her child up out of desperation but is trying to find her and get her back.

As previously mentioned, the show has some serious changes from the book including the end which helped create an incredibly dramatic effect with the brilliant performances by the whole cast (honestly, they were all so great). It’s a very well done adaptation of the story and if you need something to binge during the week and haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

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