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Schiaparelli Fall 2020 Couture collection

Just like Dior, Schiaparelli had to get creative in order to present their latest collection due to the pandemic. Daniel Roseberry opted to delay the presentation until December, where he will be having a physical show. However, he opted to show the beautiful sketches of this collection, a stage in the creative process we normally don’t get to see.


Amid the pandemic designers and creatives are experiencing the “new normal” in different ways, most of which are inclining towards a more timeless and classic aspect of fashion but not Roseberry as he says to Vogue: “I hear all those designers who are talking about ‘forever pieces, […] Especially with most ready-to-wear, if that’s what could solve the problem of fast fashion—if people could buy less and buy deeper into more beautifully made pieces—give me that forever. But when it comes to couture and the clients we have, there’s a serious place for a more intimate, more immediate need to express yourself. […] “The ethos of the brand,” he says, “the idea of surrealism, the inversion of reality—they could not be more relevant than they are right now.”


You can read his message about the collection below and the behind-the-scenes video of Roseberry working on the sketches:


On June 29th, 2020, I woke up early, got ready in my New York apartment on 12th street, put on my mask and headed outside to face another day of life in quarantine.

Three months ago I was marooned in New York while taking a quick trip back to the States. Since then I have been living in isolation while Maison Schiaparelli took a hiatus. Everyone has their own lockdown story, some harrowing, some tragic, some utterly lonely. The luckiest of us have been able to spend this time in nature, far removed from city life. My own experience was shared with millions of other Manhattanites: It was privileged, but nothing extraordinary. What was extraordinary, however, was the ability to walk into Washington Square Park on a Monday morning and sketch out a Haute Couture collection.

Life today is lived according to opposites; the pandemic has inverted everything we knew. Now, instead of a team to execute this collection, I just have my own imagination. Instead of the Place Vendome in Paris, it’s been designed and sketched on a park bench.

Everything has changed, but imagination, and the drive to create, has never been more relevant, or more profound. This collection is a tribute to that impulse to create. It’s also why the world of Schiaparelli has never felt more reflective of our time. Elsa’s commitment to the surreal, her fascination with inverting our everyday reality, has never been more timely. This collection is full of tributes to her work and her obsessions, done in my way, on new terms.

Someday very soon, I will venture back to Paris and hand these styles off to the Atelier. We will make a portion of these and take them around the world to share with our valued clients and stylists.

Imagination and dreams can be profound, but they are even more so when they guide us into action. Without putting our dreams into practice, these abstractions would be denied their ultimate power.



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