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‘The Great’ Huzzah!

Period stories that are not 100% accurate are my favorite, they are fun and entertaining while also enjoying the beautiful setting and costumes of the 18th Century. Seriously, If I could dress in those dresses for the rest of my life I would not mind not being able to breathe, and The Great is basically costume p*rn.

‘The Great’ an occasional true storie is a miniseries by The Favorite director Tony McNamara, and while it is inspired by Catherine The Great the story is not accurate like the show tries to reminds you as much as it can, but more of a cheeky and modern interpretation of her life before her coup d’état in Russia.

The costumes by Emma Fryer are excellent: they are inventive and fun and made by someone who truly is creative and did her homework. She first started with historical research on Imperial Russia and then enjoyed the freedom given by the creators to incorporate modern fabrics and contemporary fashion influences; One item that comes to mind is the ridiculous stylish hoodie Peter wears. You can read more about the process of how important costume was throughout the story in her own words.

Nicholas and Elle play so brilliantly Peter III and Catherine that made me wish the story would’ve been longer. McNamara shows a ridiculous side of the rich of that era and this is why I loved it even more; Historical pieces tend to be a bit too serious, men fight in wars and women study and paint and are brilliant for their time but not with McNamara: The people in court play games, gossip, drink more than their body weight in vodka and wine, and spend their day fake laughing at Peter’s not-so-funny jokes. Now, don’t let this description fool you, the show doesn’t shy away from the brutality of history–you see people on the battlefield, dying from smallpox, animal cruelty, and many other moments that are hard to swallow.

As with every single Hulu show I wish they would just make it available for the rest of the world since it’d increase their profits but anyway, if you live in the U.S (or Canada too?) you can watch it in their streaming service, or on HBO Nordic in some countries, unfortunately I don’t know where else it’s available.

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